Vegan Christmas Chocolate Tin DIY

by Sandra
Last updated: 19/11/17

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Is there a vegan equivalent to Quality Street, Celebrations or Roses?

Sadly no, but you can make your own chocolate tin! Buy a pretty tin or a box of biscuits and eat those and use the empty tin!

We get this question every year in our community Facebook Group so thought we would put an article together. Thanks Rhona for supplying the picture of her tin.

Vegan Chocolate Box Selection DIY Vegan Womble

Anthony berry

Chocolate cocktails and other liquors


Chocolate Disks

Box of vegan truffles


Box of mint chocolates

Contents of mint chocolates – fondants, crisp, plain



Choices Caramels

d & d

Boxed fondants

 Elizabeth shaw

Jameson’s – RUFFLES

Ruffles raspberry and peppermint twin packs


White chocolate strawberry fondants and chocolate truffles


Tin of chocolates sold in M & S and online


sainsburys free from white chocolate-coins

Sainsbury’s free from white chocolate coins


box of chocolates

Fondant truffles

Strawberry and Orange Fondants


Discs of chocolate


Mini hazelnut vego chocolates


Chocolate covered jellies


Chocolate mint crisps

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