Vegan Friendly Food Chains UK

by Sandra
Last updated: 07/11/17

This started with the Vegan Society brief list and I have added further information, pictures and links.

All menu’s and ingredients change regularly. So lookout for new recipes and changes.

ASK Italian

Dedicated vegan menu

Bagal Nash

Vegan options

Bella Italia

Vegan items clearly marked included this pudding


See our take out article for up to date pictures of the latest sandwiches, salad bowls etc.

Sandwiches and salads. Part of the meal deals. They also have builder protein bars, crisps including vegetable crisps, coconut water, smoothies, other drinks and fruit salad.

Smartphone users can get a Boots meal deal every Monday from 10am to 3pm for £1 via the O2 Priority Moments App Simply show the code from the app to staff at the checkout.

Burger King

Order the bean burger without cheese and mayo (check the oil is vegan-friendly).

“Our vegetarian products, which have been endorsed by the British Vegetarian Society, are prepared separately from meat products and there are a number of procedures, specified by BURGER KING® and approved by the British Vegetarian Society, to ensure that no cross contamination take place.

Neither the bun nor the veggie patty contains milk or egg and if you were to remove the cheese and mayonnaise, the burger would not contain any animal ingredients.  However, our products may not be appropriate for a vegan diet as we cannot guarantee a 100% vegan-approved preparation.”

Café Nero

Offers a vegan-friendly wrap, salad pot and pasta pot.

June 2017 crumble being rolled out across all branches.


Other: bear yo yo’s fruit rolls, chocolate and crisps and vegan mince pie November to January.


Xmas only – mince pies (Nov – Jan)


Has a vegan menu that offers starters, pasta, sides and a dessert.

Center Parks

Pancake House – other vegan friendly eateries in Center parks too.

Chef and Brewer


Vegan options


Allows you to make your own vegan-friendly burrito.


info on Veganuary

Costa Coffee

Offers a fruit crumble snack and a salad with more options coming.

Crown Carvaries

Vegan main kiew – made with chickpeas, tomatoes and peppers and the sticky toffee pudding on their new menu is vegan without the ice cream!

Fayre + Square

Main meal and  side dishes including garlic bread.

Frankie and Benny’s

Order tomato soup and sorbets. Some franchises use vegan pasta/dough while others do not, so check before ordering a pizza/pasta without cheese.


have many vegan options, some ideas here. but menu’s change.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Offers a vegan-friendly burger. Further guidance.


Offer a Belgian bun and iced fingers that are vegan-friendly but only in certain areas – check their allergy book in store for more details.

Handmade Burger Company

Have a fine selection of vegan burgers and other sides, now registered with The Vegan Society. Now with vegan ice creams.

Hungry Horse

Veg skewers and dips. Chickpea curry. Chocolate and coconut torte with ice cream


La Tasca

See Veganuary for further info

Las Iguanas

Some good options, including three mushroom fajita (ask for vegan). Dedicated vegetarian and vegan menu.

Leon Restaurants

Curries, salads and more for vegans.


A vegan menu which includes a burger and falafel among other items. Three course options.


Fries, hash browns, apple pie and veggie dellie (ask for without mayo) are vegan-friendly in UK.

Marks and Spencer’s

Falafel and houmous snack pack, samosas, sandwich wrap in selected stores and lots of salads. Pictures in our Take Out Article.


Try the veggie wrap (just remember to hold the dairy). The soy burger may or may not be vegan dependent on the franchise.

OK Diner


Pizza Express

Pianti pizza, pizza without cheese, dough balls and sorbet.

Pizza Hut

A wide selection at the salad buffet, deep pan pizza without cheese.


Pound Bakery

Vegan sausage rolls, veggie pasty, belgium buns and potato cakes  – also most of the bread is vegan, see nutritional list.


A range of lunch items like sandwiches and soups, as well as almond milkshakes. They do a monthly special vegan sandwich as well as a regular line. Usually 5 vegan items to choose from.


Ask for pizza without cheese, or get a salad. Vegan sharing board.

The Real Greek



Select stores sell has a roast veg wrap from Urban Eats and salads. See our Take Out article for pictures.

Slug and Lettuce



Offers a vegan-friendly salad, porridge and other options dependent on the franchise as well as vegan soy-based drinks. Currently the salad has been taken off whilst the xmas menu is on, they have a vegan flatbread as part of the xmas range. See our Take Out article for further info.


Ask for a veggie delite without cheese, and not on the flatbread or the honey oat sub.

Toby Carvery

Main meals such as vegan-friendly pies and bakes as well as desserts including chocolate cherry torte. The vegetables maybe cooked in butter. They can steam a portion of vegetables for you.

(ve = vegan). Kids jelly too.

West Cornwall Pasty Co

Can rustle up a wholemeal vegetable pasty in select branches.


A large selection of Asian-inspired sides and mains his gives an idea of previous dishes. They will easily remove fish sauce and eggs and make dishes vegan.


Offers vegan-friendly sushi


You can filter their online menu by dietary requirements here

A vegan-friendly curry (specify an extra poppadum instead of naan), salad, chips and an apple crumble with fruit compote not cream or custard. The five bean chilli is now vegan. There is more options if you think outside the box. They now have a dedicated vegan menu to make it easier when ordering. 



Railway Station branches- vegan-friendly wraps, salads and sandwiches from Urban Eat. See our Take Out article for pictures. Usually many snack bars as well.

Yo Sushi

Large selection of Asian-inspired sides and mains. Further guidance. When last checked there was 19 vegan dishes and others that can be made vegan.


Pasta, pizza with vegan cheese and dessert. New menu also has calzone for dessert.

All menu’s and ingredients change regularly. So look out for new recipes and changes.

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