Banana Biscuit Nice Cream Sundae Recipe

by Sandra
Last updated: 09/11/17

Now you know how to make basic banana nice cream, why not make a sundae. Serves 3

1 portion of banana nice cream made with 2 bananas
40g biscuits such as hobnobs, finely chopped
3 heaped tsps. hot chocolate mix powder
Soya milk
1 banana sliced
3 glace cherries
Flaked almonds

Fold biscuits into banana nice cream in large bowl or add to the food processor if you have just made the nice cream and give a quick whirl of the processor to break and mix the biscuits in.

Make up some chocolate sauce by putting the hot chocolate in a mug and adding soya milk to just cover and mix in, adding more if needed, but don’t make it too thick as we want this to be chocolate sauce.

Drizzle two thirds of the chocolate sauce over the nice cream and mix to make swirls. If it has gone too soft either add another frozen banana or put back in the freezer until its firmer, but not too solid.

To serve, scoop into sundae glasses. Top with leftover chocolate sauce, banana slices, flaked almonds and a glace cherry on each one.

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