Vegan Food

Vegan food products, tips for going vegan, eating out and deliciously vegan recipes, including simple vegan recipes for beginners. We have a collection of lists built by us, as well as up to date official UK supermarket vegan lists so you can be sure which foods are vegan. Helping you to write your 1st or 1001st vegan shopping list!

Plant Kitchen

New Vegan Food

at Marks and Spencer

Plant Kitchen

Vegan Pizza

Ready-Made Pizza and Pizza Bases


Snickers Style Overnight Oats

from our recipe calendar

Costa Coffee Vegan Christmas Food Options - Chocolate, Cookies, Tart and Cake.

New Vegan Christmas Food and Drink

at Costa

Chestnut and Garlic Mushrooms on Toast

from our Recipe Calendar

B12 Burger

Vegan Food at

Marston’s Pubs

Nutty Nice Cream Caramel Stacks

from our recipe calendar

Coconut Joys

from our Recipe Calendar