Fizzy Drink Cake Mix Method

by Sandra
Last updated: 09/11/17

If you’re using the fizzy drink with a packet cake mix method:

It is 100g mix to 60 ml of fizzy liquid for a mug cake and microwave for 90 seconds.

Or 500g mix to 300ml fizzy liquid and bake in oven.

The fizzy drink replaces an additional oil/egg. Just pop powder mix in bowl, add fizzy liquid, mix and then bake. Or why not make one in a frying pan in 5 mins!

You can make some great combinations as fizzy drinks come in such wonderful flavours.

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  • Andrea Hornett says:

    Hi ive just started a vegan diet .Looking at the food list above alot contain sugar .I thought we couldnt have sugar in a vegan diet ,im a bit confused x

    • Sandra says:

      UK sugar is vegan. American sugar can be vegan or not vegan, so this is where there can be problems and you would need to check with the company.

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