Gardein arrives at Sainsburys

by Emma Phillips
Last updated: 05/02/19

We’ve been waiting with bated breath for Gardein arriving here on UK soil for some time now. Sainsbury’s announced they were going to be stocking the Canadian brand back which was established back in 2002 in December, with a New Year date pencilled in. We’ve been hunting high and low in our local stores here in the North East but to no avail. Thankfully today (27th Jan) I found some and decided to stock up in case there was a run on it! Selling at £3.50 per bag on an Introductory Offer, I was only able to grab two items from the range at present. I will hopefully be able to review all in due course. 

Here’s a list of the range in full and our thoughts on those we’re tried:

Gardein Golden Fishless Fillets 288g

One of the best vegan fish substitutes out there. Lovely batter and taste.

Gardein Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n 225g

Gardein Sizzling Szechuan Beefless Strips 300g

Came with Szechuan sauce packet inside the pack. Good taste but not keen on texture. Didn’t come across as very ‘meaty’.

Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders 255g

More of a fishy texture and taste than chicken, in my opinion. Good crunch on the coating.

Gardein Classic Meatless Meatballs 360g

We had these with a homemade tomato sauce. There was a distinctly aniseed taste on first bite (fennel, perhaps) but I got used to it. They are sturdy and don’t fall apart during the cooking process like some vegan meatballs do. My son wasn’t as keen as I was because of the taste.

Some come with sauces in the pack which make them better value for money, like the Beefless Strips. Made with soya, the texture is pretty good on these products. We hope the price won’t deter people from trying these plant-based alternatives.

Have you tried out Gardein yet? Why don’t you share your photos and thoughts it in our community chat room!

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