Iceland’s New Range of Vegan Products

by Emma Phillips
Last updated: 03/09/18

Today (3rd September) saw the launch of a whole new meat-free range in Iceland stores across the country, with a dedicated freezer cabinet for their 100% plant-based products. As well as the popular No Bull Burgers, Iceland have products which aren’t meat substitutes like Tofu burgers and Veggie Balls.

Below you will find a list of the new products to look out for as well as product images. As always, if we’ve missed something out feel free to drop us a message and we will update our post accordingly. Iceland stated the reason for the launch was to keep up with demand, especially after reports their No Bull Burgers were regularly outselling the premium Wagyu Beef Burgers. 2018 really is the year to be vegan! 

No Bull Vegan Chilli and Rice 400g £2

No Bull Meatballs 192g £2

No Bull Vegan Green Vegetable Balls 192g £2

2 No Bull Vegan Jalapeno Burgers £2

8 No Porkies Vegan Sausages £2

2 No No Bull Vegan Tofu & Vegetable Burgers £2

No Bull Vegan Mince 500g  £3.50 

No Chick Vegan Crispy Fillets £2

No Porkies Vegan Chorizo Slices 200g £2.50

No Chick Vegan Paella 400g £2

2 No Bull Vegan Asian Burgers £2

2 No Bull Vegan Burgers £2

Iceland No Bull Quarter Pounders labelled vegan

Iceland No Bull Quarter Pounders labelled vegan

These products are available online or in-store now.

Please let us know about any new vegan products you’ve found while out and about and share photos with the community!

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    Literally so glad I’ve stubbles across this website so much information on vegan products 🌱🌱

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    Wow thankyou to Vegan womble for all the amazing Vegan product information, I have only just found your site and honestly, what a great job you are doing, SERIOUSLY well done!

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