Our Unofficial MORRISONS Vegan List

by Sandra
Last updated: 07/02/18

Note: Packaging and ingredients can change over time, so please DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING, and let us know if you spot any changes or errors. We include products that state ‘may contain milk/egg’, i.e. they are at risk of cross-contamination during the manufacturing process. This is simply an allergy warning, but these products cannot be marked vegan by law. They are however, generally considered suitable for vegans. To help keep this resource going, Vegan Womble would receive a small commission if you were to purchase products via any affiliate links in this post. Affiliate links are marked with *. Read our full legal disclaimer…

Product information and photos are submitted by the Vegan Womble community – you are our eyes and ears. We will keep adding products as they come in, so please keep sending us your vegan discoveries.

Welcome to our unofficial Morrisons vegan list, which includes accidentally vegan products, and products that are considered suitable for vegans, but are not necessarily labelled or listed as vegan due to potential contact with allergens.

Morrison’s don’t do an official vegan list. They do sell however plenty of food that is suitable for vegans.



Dark Chocolate Chips

Writing Icing – Colour Burst, Pretty Pastels and Glitter Glamour

even pink and red are ok


Free from chunky chocolate chip cookies and digestives. Both in the free from section.

They have tubs of gingerbread men in the bakery section. The Asda ones and the ones sold in pound shops are also vegan. Probabaly all made by the same company as they have same packaging!

Pound shop also has football shaped ones!

Kosher Aisle Biscuits



dark chocolate mint cremes

dark chocolate mint cremes

dark chocolate mint cremes ingredients

dark chocolate mint cremes ingredients


CRISPS + Similar Snacks

Single large 150g pack

6 packs

Single packs

6 pack show, but these popcorns are also available in single packs.

Christmas Snacks in star shapes

next to the fruit and veg are these dried fruit and vegetable ‘crisps’


Butternut Squash and Red Pepper Croquettes

Butternut Squash and Red Pepper Croquettes

Butternut Squash and Red Pepper Croquettes Ingredients

Butternut Squash and Red Pepper Croquettes Ingredients

Vegetable Gyoza with Say and Sesame Dip

Vegetable Gyoza with Say and Sesame Dip

Vegetable Gyoza with a Soya and Sesame Dip Ingredients

Vegetable Gyoza with a Soya and Sesame Dip Ingredients

These Samosas don’t have ‘suitable for vegetarians’ on the packaging, but have confirmed they are animal free.

below are in the fridge, by the salad leaves

Morrisons meal deal now includes the medium sized pot from their salad bar and as well as crisps as a side there is houmous and carrot sticks or houmous and falafal



Meat Free Mince

Meat Free Mince


Also there is a range of 3 sorbets – pictures to follow

Please note that lolly packaging has been updated during 2016, new photos will be published as and when available.




This is the ingredients off the old packaging. Still vegan, don’t know if the ingredients are identical.

Salad Bar





11/05/15 Morrisons supermarket is bringing in halal-only pick and mix counters so that Muslim customers don’t have to check the ingredients of their sweets.

A selection of 36 sweets – including liquorice sticks, cola bottles, jelly beans and gummy bears – are on sale, all guaranteed to be free of animal products or alcohol-based ingredients.

The 10 stores trialling the scheme include Blackburn, Bolton, Preston, Bradford, West Bromwich, Birmingham, Leamington Spa and three in London

new packaging for some below, this is old packaging.


Morrisons free from millionaires shortbread

Morrisons 6 sticky ginger buns!

Christmas Finds

Free from flapjack, although its easy to find vegan flapjacks, its nice to see a wheat free one.

Only the banana flavour is vegan and the vitamin D has been confirmed with Morrisons that is its from a non animal source.

Morrisons apple pies

Morrisons own brand apple and blackcurrant pies

salted caramel donuts doughnuts

salted caramel donuts


WINE + Other Booze


M Signature Prosecco Spumante
M Signature Vintage Cava Brut
Morrisons Vinho Verde
M Signature Verdicchio
M Signature Grüner Veltliner
Morrisons Sauvignon Blanc
M Signature Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
Morrisons Chenin Blanc
M Signature Champagne Brut
Signature Soave Classico
M Signature Trentino Pinot Grigio
M Signature Rueda
M Signature Touraine Sauvignon Blanc
M Signature Albariñ
M Signature Godello
M Signature Fiano
M Signature Petit Chablis
M Signature Chablis
M Signature Chablis Premier Cru
M Signature Beaujolais Villages
M Signature Fleurie
M Signature Red Burgundy
M Signature Sangiovese Superiore
Morrisons Cabernet Sauvignon
Morrisons Claret
Morrisons Pinotage
Morrisons Chianti
M Signature Carmenère
M Signature South African Shiraz
M Signature Lussac-Saint-Émilion
M Signature Côtes du Rhône Villages
M Signature Valpolicella Ripasso
M Signature Barossa Shiraz
M Signature Châteauneuf-du-Pape
M Signature Pinot Gris
M Signature Alsace Gewürztraminer
M Signature Italian Pinot Grigio Rosé


Other Booze

They have a internal list and you can ring them to check for you. Most spirits like vodka, brandy and rum are usually vegan.

M Dry cider confirmed suitable for vegans.

Also available in 500ml glass bottles and 4 x pint cans.

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