Review: NutreeLife Italian Herb Vegan Burger Mix

by Martin
Last updated: 03/04/18

When gathering goodies for the Indie Vegan Directory Bundle Giveaway, Vegan Womble was given the opportunity to review one of them – the Italian Herb Vegan Burger Mix, and I was the lucky one tasked with giving it a try!

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Makes for a very tasty meal with high protein intake.

Ease of Use

Easy to make in two easy steps and cooks in less than 10 minutes.


A fair price at £14.99 for a bag with 14 portions. Get an exclusive 15% OFF via the Indie Vegan Directory.

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NutreeLife pea protein burger mix is a quick and uncomplicated way of adding protein to your lunch or dinner. Vegetarian and vegan soya-allergy sufferers will be especially glad of finding a new source of protein I think!

How does it work? In short, it goes like this: open packet, weigh out the right number of servings, add boiling water, mix and stand for two minutes. Form patties or balls with your hands and throw in a frying pan for 6-8 minutes, turning half way through cooking. Burger done.

Review NutreeLife Italian Herb Vegan Burger Mix 3

I really love eating delicious food, but there are plenty of occasions when my time and motivation to cook are lacking! The NutreeLife Burger Mix is a real boon for those moments when I want yummy food without the pain of spending ages putting it all together. Add a burger bun, a little salad and a salsa or avocado and you have a super quick lunch. Add a side or two and you have the perfect dinner!

Review NutreeLife Italian Herb Vegan Burger Mix 2

Open the packet and you are greeted with the most amazing aroma. There is plenty of research out there that suggests smell is a huge memory trigger, and opening the NutreeLife packaging took me straight back to Sunday meals with my family – there’s a good hint of stuffing mix about that first aroma! Once it’s in the pan and on the plate, there’s no mistaking it for stuffing – this is a great burger, and one that complements other Mediterranean flavours really well. We’re really looking forward to making it again!

Review NutreeLife Italian Herb Vegan Burger Mix 4

In fact I see no real downsides to the NutreeLife mix. The recommended serving is 36g, and the resulting burger was a little small for my appetite, but since it’s a mix I can adjust the serving size to whatever I want it to be!

NutreeLife’s burger mixes come in 3 flavour options: Italian Herb, Peri Peri, and Fajita. The Peri Peri one is included in our Indie Vegan Director Giveaway if you fancy your chances (closing date 1st April 2018)! Otherwise, you can get an exclusive 15% off your order via the Indie Vegan Directory!

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A sample of the NutreeLife Italian Herb Vegan Burger Mix was provided by NutreeLife in return for this review. As always, it is 100% honest and in my own words. No affiliate links were used. 

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