Sainsbury Vegan List – Cosmetics, Toiletries and Medical

by Sandra
Last updated: 21/07/18

antiperspirant deodorant by Sainsbury's sensitive confirmed vegan

antiperspirant deodorant by Sainsbury’s sensitive confirmed vegan July 2018

sensitive anti perspirant roll-on deodorant by Sainsbury's confirmed vegan

sensitive anti perspirant roll-on deodorant by Sainsbury’s confirmed vegan July 2018

Sainsbury toiletries and cosmetics lists received March 2017

This list is in the order it was received as per the link above. If you are looking for something say for example nail polish, it is spread throughout the document!

“Please see below for a full list of our vegan friendly cosmetic / toiletries”

Product Description SKU

Little Ones Soft Baby Powder 7103911

Little Ones Sterilising Liquid – Double Concentrate 7516137

Healthcare Saline solution all contact lenses 545761


By Sainsbury’s Mint Dental Flossers x 32 7254717

By Sainsbury’s Extracare Mint Whitening Dental Tape 30M 7230674

JS Little Ones Baby Oil  7552131

Boutique French Manicure Set (3 x 5ml Nail Colour, 2 x Orange Sticks, 1 x Emery Board) 7752367

Nicotine 4mg Lozenges x 72 6529514

Sensitive Shower Gel 7745610

Sensitive Antibacterial  Handwash 7755850

Collection Rose and Peony Luxury Fragranced Soap 7709219

Collection Fig and Jasmine Fragranced Luxury Soap 200g 7709239

Collection Bergamot and Nectarine Fragranced Luxury Soap 7709222

By Sainsbury’s Cleansing Wipes Tea Tree 7614445

by Sainsbury’s insect ease aerosol spray  6262834

Basics Toothpaste 7559527

by Sainsbury’s pure soap single  6771362

Basics Hairspray  7600578

Boutique Lip Liner Chinese Whispers 7699553

Boutique Nail Royal Mint (Green) SS15 7731482

Boutique Nail Bolt from the Blue SS15 7731478

Boutique Nail Polish Pleased as Punch AW14 7701552

Boutique Nail Polish Tickety Boo SS14 7672277

Boutique Nail Polish Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss AW13 7644569

Boutique Nail Polish Cloud Cuckoo Land AW13 7644561

Boutique Nail Polish Ships That Pass In The Night AW13 7644534

Boutique Nail Polish Under The Thumb 7622771

Boutique Nail Polish Over the Moon 7622759

Boutique Nail Polish Happy go naked 7622753

Boutique Nail Polish Caught Red Handed 7622743

Boutique Nail Polish Tickled Pink 7622736

Boutique Nail Polish Beyond the Pale 7622727

Boutique Nail Polish Shell Shocked 7622705

Boutique Nail Polish Rose Tinted Glasses 7622711

Boutique Nail Polish Berry Nice 7622505

Boutique Nail Polish Away with the Fairies 7622488

Boutique Nail Polish Cross your fingers 7622514

Boutique Nail Polish As good as gold  7622468

Boutique Nail Polish Devil and Deep Blue 7622476

Boutique Nail Polish Hit the nail on the head 7622454

Boutique Nail Polish Wild Goose Chase 7622444

Boutique Nail Polish Stand & Deliver 7622450

Brownie Points 7708042

Forty Winks 7708042

Boutique Eyeshadow Quad In the twinkling of an eye 7708042

A Nod is as good as a wink 7708042

In the limelight 7708042

Eyeshadow nod as good as wink 7706822

Boutique Eyeshadow Quad Eye of the Beholder 7706948

Put on the slate 7706948

Burning the midnight oil 7706948

Eyeshadow Nudge nudge wink wink 7706822

Every cloud has a silver lining 7706948

Nudge nudge wink wink 7706948

Eyeshadow Worth Its Salt 7706822

Eyeshadow In a nutshell 7706822

Boutique Eyeshadow Quad Putting two and two together 7706822

Boutique Eyeshadow worth its salt AW14 7701538

Boutique Lip Liner Lip Service 7699551

Boutique Eyeshadow in a nutshell AW14 7701536

Boutique Lip Liner Seal one’s fate 7699549

Boutique Eyeshadow Wouldn’t bat an Eyelid SS14 7671987

Boutique Eyeshadow Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink SS14 7671978

Boutique Express Pump Bottle Pot Nail Polish Remover Acetone Free 130ml 7651843

Boutique NPR Pump ACE 130ml 7651837

Boutique Express Nail Polish Remover Acetone Free 60ml 7642265

Boutique Lipgloss The Coast is Clear 7624185

Boutique Eyeshadow A nod is as good as a wink 7622863

Boutique Eyeshadow Every cloud has a silver lining 7622844

Boutique Eyeshadow Forty Winks 7622831

Boutique Eyeshadow In the limelight 7622787

Boutique Eyeshadow Out of the blue 7622782

Boutique Eyeshadow All that glitters is not gold 7622807

Boutique Eyeshadow Grass is greener 7622776

Energy Extra 6320867

Sensitive Roll On 7543464

by Sainsbury’s Kids Mild Mint Toothpaste 0-3  7559500

by Sainsbury’s Comfort Dry Discreet Pants Large 10’s 6923566

by Sainsbury’s Comfort Dry Discreet Pants Medium 12s 6923549

by Sainsbury’s Sensitive Insect Repellent (DEET free) 7206849

by Sainsbury’s extra strength insect repel (50% DEET + 1% PMD) 50mL 7628504

by Sainsbury’s Extra strength insect repel (50% DEET & 1% PMD) 125mL 7628488

By Sainsburys 15 Nail Polish Remover Pads 7626379

by Sainsbury’s Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover 7620724

by Sainsbury’s Extra Strength Nail Polish Remover 7620702

by Sainsbury’s Nail Polish remover 6591615

GSL Cystitis Relief Sachets 7639495

Sainsburys Haemorrhoid Relief Suppositories 12’s 6729934

by Sainsburys Kids Fruity Sparkly Gel Toothpaste 3 – 6 7559515

By Sainsbury’s Non -Irritant to skin antiperspirant deodorant 200ml 7538491

By Sainsbury’s Men Advance Roll On APD 7544189

Little Ones Moisturising Baby Soap 100g SPO 6600331

Healthcare Head Lice Spray 7612597

GSL Bite & Sting Relief Cream 1% w/w cream Hydrocortisone 6643433

Healthcare Dry eye drops 6759796

Healthcare Eye Wash and Bath 6759678

Healthcare Refreshing eye drops 6758091

Healthcare All in one contact lens solution  1298895

Clotrimazole 1% w/w Cream 7219351

Sainsburys Indigestion Relief Ranitidine 75mg Film Coated Tablets 6565816

By Sainsbury’s Sheer Glamour ladies body spray 75ml 7538575

By Sainsbury’s Purity ladies body spray 75ml 6997041

By Sainsbury’s Pleasure ladies body spray 75ml 7538567

By Sainsbury’s Non-Irritant to skin body spray 150ml 7538481

By Sainsbury’s Musk ladies body spray 75ml 6996948

By Sainsbury’s Energy Antiperspirant Deodorant 250ml 7538556

By Sainsbury’s Crystal Dry Antiperspirant Deodorant 250ml 7538558

By Sainsbury’s Cool Aqua Antiperspirant Deodorant 250ml 7538525

GSL Paracetamol Plus Caplets x 16 1132571

By Sainsbury’s Cool Aqua Body Spray 150ml 7538529

By Sainsbury’s Ice Fresh Body Spray 150ml 7538537

By Sainsbury’s Clear Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant 250ml 7538547

By Sainsbury’s Passion ladies body spray 6997111

By Sainsbury’s Love ladies body spray 7543232

Basics Antiperspirant Deodorant 6996657

Basics Shower Gel  7440485

Basics 80 Baby Wipes 6597041

by Sainsbury’s 4 X 125G SOAP 6771459 GSL Ibuprofen Gel 5% 30g 7253020

GSL Max Strength Cold & Flu Sachets Blackcurrant  7627238

Max Strength Cold & Flu Relief Sachets x 10 1152616

Cold & Flu Relief with Decongestant Sachets x 10 1152609


GSL Rehydration Treatment Granules 7639483

Spearmint Antacid Tablets x 48  547161

Effervescent Health Salts 227g 113403

GSL Heartburn & Indigestion Relief 7709392

Sainsbury’s Constipation relief Bisacodyl 5mg 20 6505521


Basics Incontinence Pads 12’s 6971207

GSL Migraine Relief Tabs x 12 6614240

Extra Power Pain Reliever Caplets x 16 1132601


GSL Junior Ibuprofen Suspension 100ml/5mL 6566431

by Sainsbury’s Coconut & Lime Exfoliating Soap 125g  6783770

Basics Baby Lotion 7549404

by Sainsbury’s TEA TREE CLEANSING BAR 6771375

by Sainsbury’s Comfort Dry Incontinence Towel Mini 20’s 1258745

Echinacea Cold and Flu Relief 7558414

Basics Shave Foam 6011968

by Sainsbury’s 4 x 125G PURE SOAPS 6771487

by Sainsbury’s Extra Firm Hairspray 7600610

by Sainsbury’s white soap single bar 7707669

by Sainsbury’s Moisture Cream Bar soap 100g 7507407

by Sainsbury’s Vitamin E body lotion 7612333

by Sainsbury’s regular insect repellent 125mL 6675883

by Sainsbury’s Blue Handwash  7440930

by Sainsbury’s Cocoa Butter Body Lotion  7612159

by Sainsbury’s Aloe Vera Body Lotion 7612147

By Sainsbury’s Freshmint Dental Tape 100 metres 7230669

by Sainsbury’s Sensitive Toothpaste 7559518

by Sainsbury’s Freshmint Toothpaste 7559533

Basics Mouthwash  7656561

JS Little Ones Baby Lotion 500ml 7103873

by Sainsbury’s Comfort Dry Incontinence Towel Normal 12’s 1258769

by Sainsbury’s Comfort Dry Inco Towel Extra 10’s 6005413

By Sainsbury’s Cotton Mist Anti-perspirant Deodorant 250ml 7538560

By Sainsbury’s Sensitive Antiperspirant Deodorant 250ml 7538540

By Sainsbury’s Cotton Mist Roll On APD 50ml 7543440

By Sainsbury’s Crystal Dry Roll On APD 50ml 7543483

by Sainsbury’s Antibacterial aloe vera hand gel  7440490

SPO Mango & Avocado Exfoliating Soap 125g  6783764

BASICS SOAP 125g 7702067

By Sainsbury’s Cool Aqua Roll On APD 50ml 7543453

By Sainsbury’s Energy Roll on APD 7543237

By Sainsbury’s Energy Body Spray 150ml 7538533

GSL Nasal Decongestant & Hayfever Spray 6005558


TICKLED PINK 7752367 Skin Therapy Sensitive Night Cream  7613075

by Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Original Handwash  7440578

by Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Original Handwash  7440900

by Sainsbury’s Sunprotect SPF 15 clear spray 7213048

GSL Distilled witch hazel BPC 6005133

GSL Calamine Lotion BP 6005129

by Sainsbury’s Nourished Care Conditioner  7609799

by Sainsbury’s Salon Sleek Frizz Serum 7609908

by Sainsbury’s Shine Boost Conditioner 7609887

by Sainsbury’s Colour Shine Conditioner  7609612

by Sainsbury’s Colour Shine Shampoo  7609606

Sainsbury’s Little Ones 24 fragrance free baby wipes 1363425

by Sainsbury’s Moisture Ladies Shave Gel 7594430

by Sainsbury’s Mens Shave Gel Sensitive  7578769

skin therapy cleansing facial wipes 7636150

Skin Therapy Cleansing Facial Wipes 7636145

By Sainsbury’s Cleansing Wipes Aloe Vera 7614472

By Sainsbury’s Cleansing Wipes Vitamin E 7614454


by Sainsbury’s Ladies Shave Gel Sensitive 6403824

by Sainsbury’s Nourished Care Shampoo  7609794

by Sainsbury’s Sensitive Anti-dandruff 2 in 1 Shampoo 7794604


by Sainsbury’s Sensitive Bath Creme 7771445

Little Ones 15 hand and face wipes travel section 7553675

Little Ones 50 Hand and Face Wipes 6371133

by Sainsbury’s Volume Boost Mousse  6011934

Boutique Nail Polish As white as driven snow 7701550

Boutique Blusher happy go lucky 7706368

Boutique Blusher Footloose & Fancy free 7701568

Boutique Blusher halcyon days 7701627

Boutique Blusher Fool’s Paradise 7701565

Boutique Bronzer chock-a-block 7701560

Boutique Bronzer head in the sand 7701556

Boutique Eyeshadow Blaze of Glory SS14 7671989

Boutique Eyeshadow Mumbo Jumbo AW13 7644529

Boutique Eyeshadow Turn a Blind Eye AW13 7644511

Boutique Eyeshadow Brownie Points 7622873

Kids Sensitive Bath and Body Wash 7755855

Little Ones 60 fragrance free botty wipes 7553695

Little Ones 60 lightly fragranced botty wipes 6597048

Healthcare Milk Thistle Tablets 7742650

Sainsburys Antiseptic First Aid Cream 30g 1323467

by Sainsbury’s Men Advance Hair & Body Wash  7544179

by Sainsbury’s Heat Defence Spray  7609872

by Sainsbury’s Sensitive Shave Foam  7578745

Sleep Aid Herbal Remedy 1294705

Basics Shampoo 1220032

Collection Bergamot and Nectarine Fragranced Handwash 7702152

by Sainsbury’s white handwash refill pack 7440937

by Sainsbury’s Coconut Shampoo  7747428

Sainsburys Throat lozenges Honey & Lemon  7237004

I looked this up after seeing honey in the title and this is the ingredients Active ingredient: Amylmetacresol 0.6mg

Also contains: Sucrose*, Liquid glucose*, Tartaric acid, Lemon and Honey flavours, Menthol, Beta-carotene (E160a).

By Sainsbury’s Men Advance Hydrating Shave Gel  7578786

by Sainsbury’s Men Advance Clear Shave Gel 7628462

GSL Flu-Max All-In-One Chesty Cough & Cold Powder for Oral Solution x 10 7253026

by Sainsbury’s Coconut Conditioner  7747406

by Sainsbury’s Apple Conditioner  7747422

By Sainsbury’s Tea Tree 2 in 1 Shampoo 7747411

by Sainsbury’s Apple Shampoo 7747415

by Sainsbury’s Sunprotect sensitive SPF 15 lotion 7213075

by Sainsbury’s Intensive Hand and Nail Cream 7612131

Little Ones 80 fragrance free baby wipes 6597089

By Sainsburys 30 Eye Make-up Remover Pads Aloe Vera 7631759

by Sainsbury’s Sun Protect SPF 30 clear spray  7213070

Collection Rose and Peony Fragranced Handwash 500ml 7702154

Little Ones 12 x 80 fragrance free baby wipes 7689008

by Sainsbury’s Firm Hold Hairspray  7600715

by Sainsbury’s Vitamin E SPF15 Day Cream 7713883

by Sainsbury’s Vitamin E Fragrance Free SPF15 Day Cream 7713888

by Sainsbury’s Vitamin E Fragrance Free Facial Wash 7713830

by Sainsbury’s Vitamin E Fragrance Free Facial Scrub 7713841

by Sainsbury’s Vitamin E Fragrance Free Cleansing Lotion 7713858

By Sainsbury’s Vitamin E Facial Wash 7713730

by Sainsbury’s Vitamin E Facial Scrub 7713742

by Sainsbury’s Vitamin E Cleansing Lotion 7713794

By Sainsbury’s Tea Tree Facial Wash 7713685

By Sainsbury’s Tea Tree Facial Scrub 7713718

Collection Fig and Jasmine Fragranced Handwash 500ml 7702096

by Sainsbury’s white handwash 7440963

by Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Original Handwash  7440900

by Sainsbury’s blue handwash refill pack  7440926

by Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Moisture Rich Handwash  7440531

by Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Moisture Rich Handwash  7440541

by Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Moisture Rich Handwash  7440541

by Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Moisture Rich Handwash  7440531

by Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Moisture Rich Handwash Refill  7440520

by Sainsbury’s Sunprotect SPF 50 clear spray  7537508

by Sainsbury’s Sun Protect Aftersun Aloe Gel 6922884

Basics SPF 15 Sun Lotion 2012 6926484

by Sainsburys Sunprotect Aftersun Hydrating Spray 6367475

by Sainsbury’s Sunprotect Aftersun Lotion  6922964

by Sainsbury’s Sunprotect Sensitive SPF 30 Lotion  6922893

by Sainsbury’s Sun Protect SPF 30 Lotion 6545565

by Sainsbury’s Whitening Toothpaste 7559543

JS Little Ones Baby Bath 500ml 7104078

Little Ones Baby Shampoo 7103190

Little Ones 4 x 80 fragranced baby wipes (quad pack) 7689003

Little Ones 12 x 80 lightly fragranced baby wipes 7689006

Little Ones 80 lightly fragranced baby wipes 6597071

Little Ones 4 x 80 frag free baby wipes (quad pack) 7070475

Little Ones eco 72 Sensitive ECO Baby Wipes 6783141

by Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Original Handwash Refill Pack 7440548

by Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Aloe Vera Handwash  7440511

by Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Zinc Protect Handwash  7440504

by Sainsbury’s Antibacterial Original Handwash  7440578

Basics Handwash  7440966

by Sainsbury’s Fruits Spiced Apple and Fig Body Wash 7654096

by Sainsbury’s Benefits Energise Shower Gel  7441077

by Sainsbury’s Benefits Invigorate Shower Gel  7441069

by Sainsbury’s Benefits Refresh Shower Gel  7441063

by Sainsbury’s Benefits Skin nourish shower crème  7441054

by Sainsbury’s Fruits Coconut Body Wash 7441048

by Sainsbury’s Fruits Lime Body Wash 7441040

by Sainsbury’s Fruits Cranberry body wash 7441035

by Sainsbury’s Fruits Lemon Body Wash 7441051

by Sainsbury’s Fruits Mint Body Wash 7441045

by Sainsbury’s Benefits Shower Gel For Men  7441074

by Sainsbury’s Lilac Shower Creme   7441082

by Sainsbury’s White Shower Creme  7441095

by Sainsbury’s Blue Shower Gel  7441088

Skin Therapy Hand & Foot Scrub 7614479

Skin Therapy Instant Bronze Mousse  7570785

Skin Therapy Bronze Instant Bronze Gel  7570773

Skin Therapy Bronze Self Tan Dry Mist (Medium) 7570818

Skin Therapy self tan mousse (fair) 7570792

Skin Therapy Bronze Self Tan Mousse (Medium) 7570795

Skin Therapy Self Tan Dry Mist (Fair skin) 7570798

Skin Therapy Skin Refining Polish 7613116

Skin Therapy Sensitive Day Cream SPF 15 7613091

Skin Therapy Gentle facial mousse 7613129

Skin Therapy Clarifying Face Wash 7613138

Skin Therapy Sensitive Eye Cream 7613071

Skin Therapy Perform & Protect Intense Serum 7613101

Skin Therapy Perform & Protect Night Cream 7613066

Skin Therapy Cleansing Eye Make Up Remover 7613120

by Sainsbury’s Men Advance Post Shave Balm 7628476

Boutique Express Nail Polish Remover 60ml 7642307

by Sainsbury’s Sun Protect SPF 15 Lotion 6367380

GSL Healthcare Mucus cough syrup oral solution  7639653

GSL Children’s dry cough 0.75g/5ml syrup  6004798

GSL Adult chesty cough syrup Oral Solution 6004480

by Sainsbury’s Shine Boost Shampoo  7609618

By Sainsbury’s Chewable Vitamin C 200mg 7570315

By Sainsbury’s Chewable Vitamin C 200mg 7569716

GSL Vapour rub Topical Ointment 1208276

By Sainsbury’s Vitamin C Effervescent 1000mg (with sweetener not sugar) 7569497

By Sainsbury’s Energising Effervescent (with sweetener not sugar) 7570759

By Sainsbury’s Vitamin C & Zinc Effervescent (with sweetener not sugar) 7570774

By Sainsbury’s Vitamin C Effervescent 1000mg (with sweetener not sugar – Berry) 7742705

By Sainsbury’s Revive Effervescent (with sweetener not sugar – Tropical) 7585141

Muscle Rub Ointment Colourant Free 7290704

GSL Bronchial balsam oral solution 6005013

By Sainsbury’s Folic Acid 400µg 7569747

By Sainsbury’s Korean Ginseng Extract 75mg 7571583

By Sainsbury’s Ginkgo Biloba Extract 40mg 7571577

By Sainsbury’s Chewable Vitamin C 500mg 7570710

By Sainsbury’s Vitamin C & Zinc 7569905

By Sainsbury’s Chewable Vitamin C 500mg 7569692

By Sainsbury’s Selenium & Vitamins A,C,E 7569828

By Sainsbury’s Vitamin B Complex 7569826

By Sainsbury’s Magnesium & Vitamin B6 7570329

By Sainsbury’s Iron & Vitamin C 7570320

By Sainsbury’s Cranberry Extract 400mg 7569844

By Sainsbury’s Slow Release Vitamin C 500mg 7569482

By Sainsbury’s Zinc 15mg 7569819

By Sainsbury’s Chewable Vitamin C 1000mg 7569479

Skin Therapy SPF15 Hand Cream 7614507

Skin Therapy Hand and Foot Treatment  7614502

Skin Therapy Pure Light Radiance Balm  7613834

Skin Therapy Perform & Protect SPF15 Day Cream  7613106

By Sainsbury’s Omega 3 for Vegetarians and Vegans 450mg 7569871

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  • Diane Willoughby says:

    Great site, many thanks for all your hard work

  • E Davies says:

    Thank you so much for putting out this information. Some Sainsbury’s toiletries are great value and generally BUAV certified but without knowing what’s vegan I usually steer clear and go to Superdrug instead. Now I know what’s what I can shop with confidence. Thanks again.

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