Start Christmas early with the BESOS Flavour Experience

by Gavin
Last updated: 26/11/18

BESOS Flavour Experience

For as long as I can remember into my youth around Christmas was the only time I’d see cream liqueur come out of the cupboard. I can still picture the scene, the family sitting down to watch Santa Claus: The Movie, we’d have hot chocolate whilst the cream liqueur would be poured into a glass and sit beside the sofa for my Mum. 

This Christmas I’ll be doing the same as the parent this time although the Christmas movie might end up being something a little different (it’s still my favourite). 

Some of you may have heard of Besos before, they sell the Besos de Chocolaté Vegan Cream and Besos De Oro Vegan Cream already in places like Ethical Superstore

BESOS de Oro

besos de chocolate

This year, they’ve got a Flavour Experience pack just in time for Christmas. The Flavour Experience gives you the chance to sample the new world of Besos. They’ve introduced 3 limited edition flavours to add to Besos de Oro & Besos de Chocolaté.

BESOS Flavour Experience

The pack contains five 100ml bottles, including one each of Besos de Oro (original), Besos de Chocolaté (chocolate), Besos de Cafelito (coffee), Besos de Caramelo (salted caramel), and Besos de Clementina (orange). All of the new flavours are 100% vegan!

Besos were kind enough to send through a sample so we could tell you first hand what they are like. Cafelito is strong, but if you’re a coffee lover then you’ll love it. If you loved chocolate oranges at any point of your life then you’ll love the Clementina and if you’ve got a sweet tooth then Caramelo is right up your street! (It’s my favourite). 

Purchase the large bottles of de Oro and de Chocolaté from Ethical Superstore and the Besos website.

Purchase the Flavour Experience pack from the Besos website. 

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