Vegan Tattoos and Aftercare

by Chris
Last updated: 01/05/18

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Finding somewhere that does vegan tattoos can be a difficult, its getting better now as a lot of studios stock vegan equipment and a lot of their staff are vegan too.

So whats the problem? What makes tattoos not vegan? Some of the inks can have non vegan products in such as gelatin, the transfer paper can be made from lanolin, the razors used to shave skin might not be vegan, the after products are often not vegan too.

The best option about finding out if a tattoo parlour does vegan tattoos is to contact them yourself, however we’ll be putting together a list of places that do here:


Scarlet Rose Tattoo


Karma Collective 
House of Thieves

Brighton + hove

Dead Slow
Gun and Pedal Tattoo Studio
Inka  –  the studio is owned by a vegan and comes with a personal recommendation

Inky Swallows vegan tattoo artist who only uses vegan products as per comment below


Indigo Rose Tattoo


Sasha Wilkinson


The Painted Ladies


Fifth Demension


Manchester Ink
Rain Citysome artists use vegan inks
Sacred Art – vegan on request


Art House Tattoo use vegan inks and the staff are fantastic


Vegan Aftercare

Lots of tattoo studios recommend using Bepanthen which isn’t vegan, however there are lots of vegan options available, these will often be available from studios but if not can be bought online before your tattoo is done. Please check before purchasing as ingredients and formulations can change.

After Inked

El Gato Negro

Hustle Butter

H2Oceansome products

Tattoo GooJust the lotion, not the salve


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