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by Sandra
Last updated: 29/12/17

Note: Information is provided by the product manufacturers, either to us directly, or to members of the Vegan Womble community (unless stated otherwise). Ingredients, packaging and production methods can change over time, and occasionally we may be given incorrect information, so please DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING, and let us know if you spot any changes or errors. To help keep this resource going, Vegan Womble would receive a small commission if you were to purchase a product via any affiliate links in this post. Affiliate links are marked with *. Read our full legal disclaimer…

Product information and photos are submitted by the Vegan Womble community – you are our eyes and ears. We will keep adding products as they come in, so please keep sending us your vegan discoveries.

If you use it on your face we will include it in this article – face wipes, cleaners, toners, moisturisers, shaving gel, after shave. We have a separate article for soaps.

aloe pura (optima)

 Sun Lotion

Sun Lotion

 Sun Lotion labelled vegan

Sun Lotion labelled vegan



Aurelia is vegan and cruelty free, the link to their site is here

Baie Botanique

beautiful scrumptious

 foot pack

argan oil foot pack

 foot pack labelled vegan

foot pack labelled vegan


gift pack

gift pack (lip balm, body lotion, shower gel)




daily defense

Body Wash

Body Wash

Good Things

Green people

are PETA approved & can be found here

Howes Organic

Available online



Skin Suncream Insect Repellent

Skin Suncream Insect Repellent

ncognito Skin Suncream Insect Repellent Ingredients with Vegan Society Logo

with Vegan Society Logo




A lot of Lush products are vegan and clearly marked.


Man Cave

Me-Time Therapies

Me-Time Therapies Make Your Own Body Butter and Lip Balm Kit

Me-Time Therapies Make Your Own Body Butter and Lip Balm Kit

Me-Time Therapies Make Your Own Body Butter and Lip Balm Kit Ingredients

Me-Time Therapies Make Your Own Body Butter and Lip Balm Kit Ingredients

(10% of the profits go towards buying more medical equipment and beds in a Medical Centre in Ghana). 


Info to follow….

My Coconut Island


Original Source

The Ordinary

Online they say if vegan, possibly all, as all looked at seem to be.



info to follow..

skinny tan

Body Glow

Body Glow

 clearly labelled

clearly labelled vegan

Spa Wipes

found at Home Bargains:



All vegan products are clearly labelled with ‘suitable for vegetarians and vegans’, this is a selection of the products available. More will be added.

Avocado face mask

Avocado face mask




100% natural

24/7 Moisturising Shine

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