Vegan Womble Visits Wagamama

by Emma Phillips
Last updated: 10/05/18

Since Wagamama launched its extensive Vegetarian and Vegan menu last year we felt it was one of the better chains catering for the vegan diet. When it was announced that a vegan version of their famous Katsu Curry was on the cards, I think we were all excited by the prospect! A few select stores in the country have been trialling this dish but yesterday (9th May) it officially ‘went live’ across the country.

Alongside the Vegatsu are even more vegan dishes for us to try, although the dessert options are still limited to sorbet. We were told that there’s been a lot of work undertaken by Wagamama to ensure this new menu could work. Now restaurants will have a separate vegan fryer for the seitan fillets used, as well as other ingredients.

We couldn’t visit and not start with one of our favourites, Yasai Gyoza (£5.75).

Some may be surprised to learn that the steamed buns filled with mushrooms and panko coated aubergine are also SFV. We certainly were!

In place of the mayonnaise usually served with these bao buns we were given a slightly spicy sauce to dip them into but this wasn’t needed. They were delicious as is. 

Our Junior Womble ordered a small Yasai Katsu, which was coated pieces of sweet potato, butternut squash and aubergine with their renowned curry sauce. 

Since becoming vegan I have missed Wagamama’s Katsu, although I tried to emulate it myself at home using vegan Quorn fillets and knocking up my own sauce. How lovely it is that the effort has been put in by their team to create this version using seitan?

We felt this was a good substitute and the panko coated seitan worked well. The portion was generous and we were full afterwards. At £10.75 it is also reasonably priced.

As well as dishes like Yasai Itame and Kare Burosu Ramen Wagamama have added a new salad to the menu. Our friend raved about the Harusame Glass Noodle Salad (£9.50), which is a mix of crunchy vegetables and Tofu in a spicy vinegar. This dish is perfect for summer or those looking for a lighter meal.

Wagamama are certainly proud of the new vegan dishes, with members of the team wearing t-shirts announcing the arrival of Vegatsu. We were also given the Vegetarian and Vegan menu, which has had an overhaul, without asking for it. Many of their juice-based drinks are now SFV too. The company have also registered with The Vegan Society, further confirming their commitment to their vegan customers. 

We can’t wait until the new desserts arrive later in the year!

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