Warburtons Vegan List

by Sandra
Last updated: 22/03/18
Warburtons Hot Cross Bun Loaf

Warburton’s Hot Cross Bun Loaf

The following list was sent to us by email from Warburtons’ Customer Care Department in March 2018.

“The products listed below do not contain any dairy ingredients but are produced in bakeries that use dairy ingredients – Milk Butter Eggs and Honey.

Medium White
Toastie White
Our Thickest Slice White
Soft White Farmhouse
Seeded Batch
Stoneground Wholemeal Batch
Brown Farmhouse
White Thorough Bread Bloomer
Wholemeal Toastie

Medium White
Toastie White
Soft White Farmhouse
Danish White
Seeded Batch
Half & Half
Malted Grain & Seeds
Old English White
Wholegrain & Oat

Half Toastie Loaf
Half Medium Loaf

Sliced Tiger White

Half & Half Medium
Half & Half Toastie

4 Sandwich Rolls
4 Large Sandwich Rolls
4 Fruity Teacakes
12 Fruity Teacakes
6 Wholemeal Rolls
6 Sliced Sandwich Rolls
4 Oven Bottom Muffins
12 Sliced Sandwich Rolls
4 Wholemeal Lunch Rolls
6 Seeded Burger Buns
6 Scottish Morning Rolls
8 Sliced Sandwich Rolls
8 Half & Half Rolls
6 Hot Dog Rolls

Fruit Breads:
Fruit Loaf with Orange
Raisin Loaf with Cinnamon
Hot X Bun Loaf (seasonal)

Weight Watchers:
WW White Danish
WW Malted Danish
WW Wholemeal Thick

Crumpets – 2 Giant, 6, 8 & 9 packs
6 Potato Cakes
4 Toasting Muffins

Speciality Breads:
Country White
Multi Grain & Seed

Sandwich Alternatives:
Toastie Pockets – White & Brown
Sandwich Thins – White, Seeded, Brown, Half & Half, Protein
Thin Bagels – Cinnamon & Raisin, Plain, Protein
4 Protein Wraps

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  • Chelle Cameron says:

    The last time i looked at Warburtons sliced sandwich rolls they contained E920 which is a cysteine, L-Cysteine that is used in white bread is traditionally made from feathers, bristles & hair, has Warburtons confirmed that this is not the case with their rolls?

  • Kaya says:

    For those asking about the E920, the Warburtons website specifies that they use a synthetic version!

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