Yum Earth Vegan Sweets

by Sandra
Last updated: 09/11/17

YumEarth are the number 1 organic candy brand in the US and husband and wife team Mark and Verity have brought them to the UK under their “Better Little Treats” umbrella.

The range was introduced to the UK late 2015 and you may have already seen Mark and Verity at various Vegan and food festivals across the UK as they are keen to get us to sample the lollipops and sweets for ourselves.

YumEarth sweets are:

Vegan, free from artificial colours and flavours, and most are organic. palm oil free. Free from the 14 allergens, including wheat, nuts, soya. Free from refined sugar

And taste absolutely gorgeous!

The range available in the UK currently includes, Original Pops, Sour Pops, Anti Oxi Fruits, Wild Peppermint. The Pops are available as single lollies (look out for the counter unit) and in bags of 14 and 40. They also have a gift tin stuffed full of lollies too.

Later in the year they hope to have jelly sweets (using pectin) on sale and (shhhhhhh- top secret) jelly beans.  You can buy online at or more and more local independent health food stores are now stocking the range. If you are in London, all of the Whole Foods Markets stock the range too. Keep up to date on stockist details via their website.

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